Claudia Escobar Lindenbaum

My family from Radom, Poland Lindenbaum/Abramovicz/Fridman/Radomska /teperman lived in Radom at number 18 Warshavka. Now this street carries a different name. My grandfather, Ber Lindenbaum, with my grandmother Shanjdla Abramovicz and my auntie Marjam, emigrated to Southamerica before the war (1931). Some of the family survived the war and many others perished.

My grandfather was a taylor, he studied tayloring in the radom institute, and got his diploma. He was Known in Chile as "el Polaco" and named his store "La Polonesa ". Yes, they were Jewish, but also Poles, and proud. I find this project beautiful and so moving, and would love to participate once I travel to Poland. I have applied for my Polish passport and hope to receive it soon.

Doing research about Polish History and about my family, I found out that Marie Skłodowska Curie was best friends with Nobel Poet Gabriela Mistral ( Chile). I would like to share a poem of hers with all that have participated in this project, that for me is like a CHILD:


And we go on and on,

Neither sleeping nor awake,

Towards the meeting, unaware

That we are already there.

That the silence is perfect,

And that the flesh is gone.

The call still is not heard

Nor does the Caller reveal his face. ?..

But perhaps this might be

Oh, my love, the gift

Of the eternal

Face without gestures

And of the kingdom without form!


Gabriela Mistral Thanks !!!

Autor: Claudia Escobar Lindenbaum

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Re: Claudia
Komentarz:3 , śro lipiec 21, 2010, 21:53:06
Wow so it turns out we are kinda neighbors then. Same to you if you are ever down south it'd be good to share or exchange some stories! I am actually going to PL in week's time, Krakow, Warsaw and Radom are all on the map. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to check/research/find out?
Hi Marcin
Komentarz:2 , sob lipiec 10, 2010, 23:40:21
Dear Marcin
Thanks for your comment , yes the poem is beautiful and Gabriela Mistral is an amazing poet .
I hope you enjoyed the market in Santiago ,I live in edinburgh , so anytime you are coming up north , let me know , it would be lovely to meet you .
cheers !
Komentarz:1 , pią lipiec 09, 2010, 12:07:46
Hola Claudia!What a beautiful poem, never read Mistral but it's definitely worth it. Though I live in London, UK nowadays I am from Radom and my family still live there. Warshavka St. doesnt say much to me however it may be Warszawska St. which would mean the same thing - a street to Warsaw. It still exist in Radom though perhaps there used to be a street I dont know of anymore. I went to Santiago 2 years ago and there was a restaurant owner at the main Market (fish market I think) who spoke a lot of Polish! :) He used to be a sailor! All the best and thank you for sharing!